A letter from OJ

Hey Kiddos,

Been a while eh?

I’ve been making a point of sending lots of postcards and other cute things in the mail, but as you’re all all over I figured this would be the best way to say hello!

It’s super weird because while you’re all fondly looking back on memories and daydreaming of being all over the world (while Ibrahim forces you to finally finish your math credits), I am sitting in my basement sifting through hours - no - DAYS of footage from the past year, reliving all the moments you’ve gone through together.

Getting lost in a fern valley, melting on pilgrimages, throwing burrito dinner parties with massive plush t-rex’s hiding in the garage, the list goes on.

And now all of that has come to a grinding halt. It’s strange eh?

And while sitting at home and spending time with the family can be fun, I imagine that a bunch of you are pretty bummed that you aren’t currently packing and getting ready to take a Grecian adventure.

Now whether you are a seasoned TGS Veteran, or you’re a newcomer this year it bears repeating the age-old cliché; it isn’t the destination - it’s the people. And what a fantastic bunch y’all are!

While I was planning to say proper goodbyes as the graduates… graduated, instead I have to say it now; sayonara kiddos. It has been an absolute THRILL and pleasure getting to peek into your lives and I wish each and every one of you the brightest of futures.

Over the year you have all accomplished so much (tho again - I’m sure Ibrahim would love to see more of that in the math department) and should be super proud of everything you’ve overcome in such a short amount of time. Conquering mountains, braving the wild, opening your minds to foreign cultures and peoples, diving into your passions, the list goes on.

So instead of getting hung up about Greece, take a minute and thank your nearest and dearest TGS peeps for being there to push you further than you knew you could go. And when you’re done with that, take one more minute to just smile; because you rock, and will continue to do so.

With much love and all the good vibes,


ps. If you ever need help with a project, or want a postcard penpal, or just want to say hello - I’m always here and am eagerly waiting to see what you accomplish.