A short movie about Korean Buddhism by Soeun K. - The Ecology of the Mind

"This short film is the final product of my second mastery project. Through this project, I learned about filmmaking, Korean Buddhism and went on an 11-day filming excursion to the remote temple of Korea. From the learning component to logistics to putting the final product together was quite intensive and challenging, especially as a novice filmmaker. Nevertheless, I find this to be one of the best, if not most, a rewarding project of my TGS career. Not only did I gain skills and knowledge, but I found myself being able to look at my mind clearer than ever before. Below is the quick description of my film:

Delve into Korean Buddhism and the nature of human beings through a dialogue with a monk at a beautiful Mihwangsa temple of Haenam, Korea.

Without further due, here’s the film!

I hope you find something special out of it."- Soeun K.