A Sustainable Journey by Dia K

The word sustainability sounds poetic and ethereal, a state of the world that is almost utopian and unimaginable. It sounds like a far-away dream, a long-term goal, a very fruitful but also time-consuming ambition. Our sustainability journey reminds me of a line from one of E.H’s poems; “What would be the point of dreams if we could reach them in one go.”

We have been painfully aware that our actions have dire consequences for the past fifty or so years, and a lot of us have stepped up to take responsibility for the harm we cause. We have countries worldwide trying to curb or slow down what is “the end of humankind. ”

To understand sustainability worldwide, one step at a time, I asked one of my classmates what sustainability looked like in the country he lives in. The reply I received was both astonishing and exciting.

“We have a methane car,” says Teddy F from Iceland. “ Iceland’s energy is also mostly geothermal, which reduces our domestic electricity generation footprint by a lot, making us more environmentally friendly compared to places that run on coal and gas.”

As a country, Iceland makes conscious efforts, and their solutions sound ethical and logical. Hypothetically speaking, if every country were to adopt Iceland’s method of reducing carbon emissions, the world would become a better place. But alas, it doesn’t work that way. To bring forth even a minor change globally takes a decade, at least.

But fear not, there is a more small-scaled and straightforward solution to one of the significant environmental problems we face daily— food waste.

Recently four students from CM1 - Teddy F, Rachel C, Sarah R, Effie L, created Groceria, an app that prevents excessive food from waste. It is a user-friendly proof-of-concept created as a means to help world-citizens reduce their wastage. You could also make your own composting pit at home and do your bit in saving the environment.

Here you can find a walkthrough of the app and how it works.

Stay tuned for more sustainability news coming soon...