Book Recommendations from Arielle Harding

During quarantine, I’ve taken advantage of reading several leadership and self-development books. Here is a list of some great books I’ve read so far:

1) Start with Why by Simon Sinek: This book as the title suggests focuses on why- and how focusing on the why you do something instead of the what or how can lead to inspiring us and the world around us. It discusses that “how” is the actions you take, “what” is the result of the actions and why is based off of your personal beliefs.

2) Be Amazing or Go Home by Step Hyken: This book goes over how to go above and beyond and be amazing in all aspects of life- and the importance of putting your amazement into use. This book goes over the 7 habitats of amazing people which include showing up to amaze, being proactive, wanting feedback, taking personal responsibility, being authentic, turning misery into magic, and focusing on excellence.

3) Speak with Impact by Allison Shapira: Amazing book on how to connect with your audience and speak with confidence. This book goes over writing a speech, empowering your audience, techniques for effectively speaking, and how to prepare for unexpected situations.

4) Choose Your Perspective by John Martin: This book has really related to what has been going on right now with the pandemic and having a positive perspective during tough situations. The 7 tips for high performance through intentional thinking in the book include Awareness, Acceptance and Action, Positivity, Productivity, Patience, Creativity and Empathy, and Gratitude.