Breaking Barriers to Health Module's WeXplore by Mat I.

The Breaking Barriers to Health module spent its WeXplore in a beautiful place with fascinating views and easy access to the ocean. The morning started with a workout planned by students depending on their personal sport. One time, they even had a ballet workout. Then they had breakfast and chocolate milk to restore our energy after the workouts. After breakfast, they either work on their initiatives or do the whole group hike.

The first hike was by the sea, which allowed us to find some fascinating sea creatures or plants. The second hike was going up the Wild Dog Creek, which opened up to a great view. Then lunch, which was also cooked by students with specific nutritional values. Then, after lunch, there was a workshop. One of them was about the brain, which was organized and led by Paula.

The VR module also went to Apollo Bay, so they hosted each other for dinner. The VR module came up with a burrito dinner, and as the entertainment part was Aditto dance. The Sport module had a healthy dinner with healthy snacks and had a dance competition created by Gigi. The WeXplore was terrific for its beach walks and views.