Chelle's Book Review: "Find Another Dream" by Maysoon Zayid

The author and narrator is a daughter of Palestinian immigrants and raised in New Jersey. Despite her Cerebral Palsy, she has pursued her dream of being on a daytime soap opera show by way of rising to fame as a ‘stand up’ comic with a message of tolerance and mutual respect. The story starts from the mishap of her birth and she writes in a matter of fact and comedic style that left me laughing as I listened to her witty life commentary.

What I found interesting in her story was her perspective as an immigrant palestinian in present day USA as well as how she pushed the boundaries of being a disabled female to follow her passions despite many set backs. I also enjoyed the stories about her time at university in Arizona as she refers to the lack of accommodations that were prevalent just 10 years ago.

She mentions at a point in the book that she performed for TED, which is when she started advocating for people with disabilities, so you can get an understanding of her voice, perspective, and sense of humour by watching it - just search for I got 99 problems... palsy is just one.