CM1 and staying connected online by Ignacio C.

During this unconventional term, the FOWs have been working hard to ensure that the cohort remains connected regardless of our actual location. They have created multiple activities to achieve this.

Firstly, they have set up instagrams for each of the hiking groups so that everyone can show their progress with the whole group, keeping everyone accountable and ensuring that the whole cohort will be ready for the hike in Chile.

Secondly, they have created a weekly "Intro to Homelife" discussion where people are encouraged to write about their experience of being home and share it with the group.

Additionally, they set up pairings where you and another student form a closer bond through sharing three highlights over the week and talk about your OL experience.

To keep some TGS traditions alive, they have also created a whole school online circle for people to acknowledge any gratitudes, concerns, amends or announcements that they had during this portion of the term.

This is how our Flipgrid engagement for the whole school circle was!