Collection of Social Distancing Moments

As everyone has been stuck inside for a while now, we decided to create a Google Form to see how TGS' students and educators are doing in general, and what tips they have for coping with the situation.

We began with a word cloud - describe social distancing in one word.

What's a funny/sad story or moment that you'd like to share with everyone? Or how/what have you been doing in general?

  • I have learned that I am the laziest man in the universe.

  • I've spent muchos muchos hours with my daughter, which has been nice. Very appreciative that the weather has been so nice and we can spend a lot of time outside. Her basketball skills are improving!

  • I am fortunate to live in an area that has some nice walking routes - the nearby golf course has allowed walkers to use their paved walking paths so there is some nice green scenery. There are many more people out walking at all times of the day than would normally be out and about; I see older couples walking with hands held, siblings talking animatedly with arms waving, and quite a few more dog walkers with a huge variety of breeds and temperamented dogs. As we step off the sidewalk to skirt around each other there is always a rueful meeting of eyes and a smile acknowledging that we are tolerating this set of constraints together. My wish for the world is that we could have this collective unity and will for action against the other pressing issues we face such as climate change. #thereisnoplanetB

  • I'm sleeping.

  • Having a little pond/pool in my garden has made life a lot more manageable when I can just pretend it’s summer like I was a little kid again and could ignore real life and focus on silly things.

  • My dog's hips are getting stiff with age, and sometimes when he's been lying down for a long time and tries to get up he finds himself unable to and yelps hysterically. He used to be much more limber.

  • Quarantine is the opportunity for us to reevaluate our priorities as a society and to think about what truly matters in our lives. For me, it has taught me the value of a simple hug, it has taught me to be grateful for the people around me and that you should never take any moment spent with people you care about for granted.

  • On March 4th, when we were on a bus getting back from the Patagonia hike, after twelve days without hearing any news, I asked one of my colleagues, just to start a conversation: "Do you think something's important's happened in those twelve days?". She said no. Arguing that nothing really in the weeks before the hike, so probably it just remained like that. She convinced me. When we got back to the base, I opened my e-mail and saw the e-mail describing the possibility of canceling the Italy term. I did not understand; when we went for the hike, there were only two cases there, and now it was the European epicenter of the virus, with 3000 cases. But I wasn't much concerned. I was sure that things were going to be sorted out soon, because that's how things work, right?

Anything encouraging you want to say to TGS people?/Tips for surviving quarantine?

  • It's not a bad life, it's a bad day.

  • It's okay to not feel/be okay.

  • Start baking sourdough bread.

  • Try Yoga with Adriene! She combines mindfulness with a playful and welcoming set of yoga movements. Mindful breathing has always been something that helps me - making it a part of your daily routine (at the start of your day, before starting a work session, before a run...), my favorite is box breathing - not just because it is a Navy Seal technique (just say'in). I like to challenge myself to slow/extend each part of the process....

  • Sometimes prolonged solitude can teach you about discipline and self-awareness - it forces you to spend time in the company of your own mind, after all - and this can be extremely beneficial for mental health if you use it in the right ways. Solitude does not have to be a bad thing.

  • Even though we might be far apart, we're still lucky to be part of such a wonderful community. Brighter days are ahead (literally -- summer is almost here!).

  • Stay busy and pick up some hobbies.

  • Think of quarantine as being a dog with work. You have a home, food and people who love you-that’s all you really need, but you also can’t get board because of all the work you must finish.

  • "Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival." - W. Edwards Deming.

  • The only way we can all survive this, is by staying connected with one another. Social distancing does not mean you can't socialize. See the positives and take this as an opportunity to do the things you enjoy and don't get to do often - be it learning a new language, baking, or relaxing and watching your favorite tv show. And please stay safe and wash your hands :)

  • Face Time your friends and family.

Additionally, everyone had the chance to send pictures of what they've been up to. Educator Chelle sent several - it seems like she's been enjoying spending quality time with her grandson Harrison, running, and... posing near Buckingham Palace? Probably just taking a virtual tour, because she's currently safe at home. It seems like the virtual weather in England has been quite sunny, as she's thrown on a cool pair of sunglasses.