Having TGS in our hometown by Sacha G. (parent of CM1 student Lexie G.)

Updated: May 10, 2020

“So… which glamorous destination is Lexie off to for school this term?”

“Hahaha. Actually, its Melbourne!”

“Oh! So she can stay at home with you then and just go to school during the day?”

“No it doesn’t really work that way.”

“Oh so she’ll be at school during the week and home for weekends.”


As ‘new’ TGS parents, having the school based in our hometown was a really special

experience. It meant that we got to meet Lexie’s school friends and see in person the

teachers guiding her education. We could also attend the end of term Showcase and

experience first-hand the presentations. The timing was perfect too. Lexie had started at the

school the previous term, completing the Rite of Passage in Wales and Term 1 in Bosnia and

Herzegovina. Everything was still a little bit new to us and we were still wrapping our heads

around terminology like “Advisory, Module, Summative Project, Personal Project and


Having the opportunity to attend the Showcase and fully appreciate the projects has given

us a far more thorough understanding of the way the students learn at TGS. It also meant

that Lexie’s rather large extended family could also come and see the Showcase as well. I

was so pleased to see that we were not the only family in attendance, and it was so nice to

meet some other mothers and share our experiences.

A quick family picture at the Showcase

Sacha meeting with the mothers of Ignacio C. and Ryleigh I.

Lexie being based so close to home meant that, whilst she wasn’t living with us, we did have

the opportunity to meet up with her for dinner. Her grandparents also got the chance to

take her out for lunch, and her younger brother was able to see where she was staying,

making it all far more relatable.

We were extra lucky that Term 2 coincided with the American tradition of Thanksgiving

Dinner, and that families were invited to share the TGS celebrations. These were very TGS-

ified, being pushed to a date after Showcase, and with the students (and staff and families)

contributing home-made foods to the meal. We had delicious foods to choose from, with

hommus, freshly baked breads, yummy vegan choc-chip cookies and steak accompanying

traditional American foods like mac and cheese, sweet potato pie and stuffing. There was so

much more, but you can rest assured everything was absolutely delicious and


Thanksgiving dinner

In addition to the food at Thanksgiving dinner, we also got to participate in a student-led Thanksgiving Circle, where everyone had to jot down what they were thankful for and read

out someone else’s. It was truly lovely to hear the gratitude these students have for their

close community and the opportunities they have open to them.

We are grateful that we had the opportunity to spend time in person with this wonderful

community. We know that in future terms, when Lexie talks about her friends, the staff, or

the academic requirements, we will have a far better understanding.

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