Mak A. and a video game about refugees

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

"I was working with a missionary group in South Sudan, and we have done an activity…"

My teacher went on about his experience, during one of our seminars on the refugee crisis. Social science is not my strong suit, and I wonder why I am listening to this right now. I'm not really sure how I could help, but... alright... let’s carry on...

"If you were to hear over the radio that a crisis is coming, and you will have to run away now, what will you grab with you?"

I don't really know! I'll probably run upstairs and grab some cash from my drawer, preferably USD. Maybe my passport, because I think I may need it. And if I have time… a sleeping bag? At this point, I was quite absorbed in the activity.

He gave us some time before revealing the right answer. "Passport, maybe some cash?" he said. Pretty spot on.

"None of those..."


"When you hear that you are going to die... you run! You don't even think about what you will need, you only know that you need to survive now."

That struck me like a thunderbolt, and I realized how lucky I was, playing this game in the safety of our school. I couldn't imagine what it'd be like if this game were my real life.

I needed to do something, I needed to do something...

And this is how my first social impact project, Soare, began...

If you want to play the game, it's available HERE.

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