Mat I. and His Love For Videography

After joining Think Global School (TGS), Mat I. has constantly demonstrated his love for videography. Below are two of his most recent ones.

Don't Tell Tashi

"Don't Tell Tashi" was Mat's first video at TGS. He created it with the help of his schoolmates Teddy, Ignacio, and Vansh during our stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). It was first presented during Amelie A.'s film course.

"Don't Tell Tashi" was inspired by the fact that every time someone has a tech problem at school, they need to send an e-mail to our IT specialist Tashi for solutions. But sometimes it's better to stay silent rather than asking for help...

The meaning of the video is a mystery, but our students and staff seemed to enjoy it a lot, and we hope you do too.

Reconciliation Interview

In BiH, every student in cohort 1 had to create a summative product based on the driving question: "How can we convey the complexities of ethnic and religious reconciliation through our experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina?".

Mat answered the driving question by interviewing three people from BiH: Dzeva Avdic, the author of the book "My Smile Is My Revenge"; Varvara Šešlija, a senior at TGS and a player of Bosnia and Herzegovina women's national under-17 football team; and Vernes Voloder, a project manager at the Nansen Dialogue Centre in Mostar. They talked about their personal stories, hardships, and hopes towards reconciliation.