Melbourne's Social Enterprising By Chelle Marshall

On an Eco-Walking Tour of Melbourne by Liam who created Wayward Wanders ( that I highly recommend... our tour guide is heavily involved in the Social Enterprise scene and pointed out quite a few local and small scale businesses to us such as:

HoMie - a streetware store that dedicates its profits to clothing homeless peoples AND who employ at risk youth (giving them skills, job experience, and building confidence).

Charcoal Lane - a native Australian food restaurant that serves food that is not just locally sourced but that is native to Australia (as well as being way more affordable than most native food restos) AND it also has a program to create a skilled workforce for the hospitality industry providing leadership and mentoring to help vulnerable young aboriginal people gain long-term independence.

Beekeeper Parade - a multifaceted shop that sells good quality backpacks, bags, totes, etc made of fabric scraps - upscaling (upcycling) used and scrap fabric that would otherwise go to waste. Koky, the founder, is from Cambodia and his profits have gone into building 5 schools there as well as providing work for locals to produce the bags. There is definitely more to his story - to check it out:

I attended a workshop where you can design your own bag out of the fabric scraps on hand in the shop - the bag below is one side panel of an overnight case.