Nature Nugget - Vansh, Charlotte, and Sam

During our 10 day expedition in Patagonia, we explored some of the world’s greatest sights, pushed our limits and expanded our comfort zones. Apart from learning about ourselves and each other, we also learned about our surroundings. An activity that helped us with this was creating a “Nature Nugget”, which means finding something from nature and giving it a spotlight or appreciating it in a creative way. We had the option to team up or do it individually, select a plant or animal and research some fun facts about it in a community field book.

Vansh and Charlotte, along with one of our educators, Sam, decided to adapt the song Stand by Me - by Ben E. King. They changed the lyrics to be about Acaena Cadillo, also known as hitchhikers or grenades. These are small red plants that look soft but are actually thorns that stick to clothes. The song included some inside jokes from the hike and references to previous activities. Here’s a part of what they wrote (Vansh’s rap): Cause if you don't stand on me or your shoe don't land on me then that plan is bad. I don't attack, but I click on your shoes, and I stick like I'm glue to jackets and pants. I've been at your campsites You see me when you hike. You're like, "Jesus Christ You're ubiquitous: day or night, dark or light, damp or dry, low or high" And by the way, it's 8 inches in height. Teddy says, "Thank you for letting me pass by." He's a nice guy, but that doesn't mean that I'll comply to his needs. Y'alls deeds help me spread my seeds. I'm green and purple or brown. Yesterday, Tex and Pau mentioned me. Just wanna say I love Brene Brown, but you gotta guess me now The chorus, sung by Charlotte: Ohhh darling, please don’t stand on me... Don’t stand on me. Don’t stand now. Don’t stand on me. Don’t stand on me Sam: Continous background beats and support. Vansh, later on, explained some of the hidden messages in the lyrics by saying: “I added the Brene Brown line at the last second because it rhymed and Tiff had just finished a session where she was talking about Brene Brown and she quoted the book she had. Small things, that I just added to make things fun were ‘ubiquitous’ (I was going to use some other word but I remember Teddy and I were speaking that in different accents a night before, which is why it was kind of an internal joke), and y'alls (that's kind of an obvious shoutout to Tex)”