Sarah's Photography Club by Kirsten A.

The last term, Sarah R., started a photography club for students in CM1 to explore and gain photography skills. As a member myself, I find the lessons engaging, and I learn a lot from Sarah since she has a lot of experience.

[Picture by Kirsten A.]

There is more to photography than just taking a photo and changing it to an aesthetically pleasing picture to admire. In the photography club, you get the chance to work with a professional camera (if you have one) or your iPhone. You also learn the basics of changing your image capturing preferences if you want to get a particular detail from a picture. There is simply so much more to learn, and that’s why I highly recommend more students join! Sarah is always there to answer any questions you have in mind.

Here are some of the pictures taken by the club members in the last term:

[Picture by Zuzanna W.]

[Composition picture by Nada K.]

[Shutter Speed Picture by Nada K.]

[Picture by Yeli K.]

[ISO Picture by Nada K.]

[Picture by Guille H.]