Sunny Skies are Overrated By Nila N

Being a girl brought up in solely sunny places, I was dreading our visit to Victoria’s one and only Apollo Bay. The weather was predicted to be 12 degrees, and that-- is not beach weather where I am from.

On our first morning in Apollo Bay, the weather was miserable. I remember playing volleyball with Ignacio in the yard, while both of us wearing hoodies and long jeans. We walked to the small high street near the town before it started to rain heavily. The blistering winds, the chilly rain, and the palm trees twisting in ways that they shouldn’t; I never thought I would have hated the beach so much.

The next morning, we all decided to head to the beach early in the glorious pursuit of sun and a little bit of warmth. I remember the shrivels up my spine as the cold water washed against my feet, while other friends rushed into the cold water with glee.

Are they crazy?

Was all I thought.

The following day continued the unfortunate weather trend. I recall the waves coming crashing down on the rocks near the Seal Viewing point, a place we had all walked to for some fresh air. The air was humid and sticky, yet somehow cold and damp. Once we got closer to the rocks by the ocean, I noticed little holes in the rocks. The little erosions came in all shapes and sizes, some small, some big, some deep other shallow. They were intricate, almost as if they had been carved by artists and sculptors.

To think only the violent, tumultuous waves did this, I was shocked. Something so unpleasant and dangerous had created erosions, unlike anything I had ever seen..

Hmm, how strange,

Was all I thought at the time.

Despite the fact that the weather continued to be considerably unpleasant that day, like most others, we decided to head to the beach. There was ghastly wind with sand flying everywhere. I stood next to the tide while the seafoam graced my toes and left me shivering with only one thought in mind

Surely no one would enter this water; it looks miserable I thought to myself. Once again, I watched my friends and fellow TGS students and staff rush into the water, some complaining about the chilly tides, while others completely immersed themselves in it. Seriously, there is no way this water could be that much fun. I grunt in silence as I watch my module splash water on each other while jumping over waves.

I spent a good 30 seconds looking at the roaring waves and my laughing peers. I noticed that my heart began to race, and my fingers started to twitch.

I wonder what the water feels like? I think to myself.

I get into my swimsuit and slowly jog into the shallow ocean. For a second, I just stare out into the horizon. It was dull and windy and honestly seemed pretty miserable.

Ahh, screw it.

The water was unbearable. Waves of chills rushed through my veins as I journeyed deeper and deeper into the ocean. Why am I doing this to myself? I asked as I ventured in further. The deeper I went, the better the water felt, and when the waves pushed me into the water, I realized that the only thing I felt was relief.

The rest of the WeXplore passed by pretty fast. In between lip-syncing competitions, movie nights, and cooking disasters, it was hard not to have fun. On the day we left for Yan Yan Gurt Farm, Apollo Bay was finally graced with ethereal sunlight. As we loaded our bags into the bus and cleaned up to leave, I couldn’t help but feel as if something was out of place.

Once we all took our seats and the bus started driving, I realized that the ocean was calm and soft. At that moment, when we started making our way out of town, there was a small emptiness inside me.

Sunny skies are overrated.

I thought to myself as the bus swerves us onto the highway.