Art in times of Quarantine by Diego (parent submission)

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Dear all,

Being quarantined can be hard. Stress, anxiety, fear and even panic are not unheard of. I what to share my coping mechanism, hoping that you try it out as it might help you deal with the situation, like it has helped me.

What I do is draw and paint.

At this point, it is not important if the work is good as an art piece, as its use is merely therapeutic. You can save your work as a personal document or you can share it with friends or social media, to initiate conversations around the issues we are all facing.

First, find a peaceful place for you to work, bring any kind of art material. I normally use plain paper, watercolors and china ink, but sometimes I use a charcoal, pencil or a pen, as I said, it does not really matter.

Once you are ready, ask yourself:

What do you feel?

How do you feel?

How can you represent these feelings on images?

This is a crucial step in the process, as you are giving yourself time to analyze and understand what you are going through. Draw, paint, sketch, color, bring it out of your system, in any way. Then, stop and see if what you have done expresses what you had inside. Double-check if that feeling is still inside of you. If so, figure a new way to express it to give it another go. Sometimes it takes “a few strikes to get a hit”.

There are days that after one drawing I start to feel better, and that might be all for that day. Some other days it takes many drawings, but I find that looking at my situation on paper helps me take a little distance, cool down and start looking at the situation in a more objective way. Using art as a tool has helped me find answers, solutions; sometimes I find the problems that were not so easy to understand. Anyways, draw, paint and enjoy, worst case scenario you end up with a bunch of artwork, which you might then select the best off and show at a gallery or museum.


Keep safe.